Friday, January 09, 2009

My Dad and Other Explosions

My Dad says that, 'you're developing a bit of an attitude there, Wilfred. I don't like the way you keep telling your brother what to do.'
'How else is he going to learn?' I ask. 'I have only shot him twice with my dart-tag-super-gun (present from Granpa Jack, yay) and he actually LIKES it.'
'There you go again,' he says and now he is all twitchy, 'answering back!' He is jigging from one foot to the other. 'In my day children were told things and they nodded their heads to show they understood.'
'I do understand,' I say and I nod my head for good measure. 'You're just wrong.'
Dad puffs up, turns red and blows a fuse. 'Just think of all the starving orphans in this world, Wilfred!' I give this idea a good go but I am not sure how it is the same as me shooting George. 'Think how lucky you are! My goodness, if you were living in Victorian times you'd most likely be beaten or badly maimed for answering back. One day you'll be in my trousers, Wilfred,' I shudder. 'When I think of all ...' and he's off, thinking out loud of all the things I should be grateful for. I wander off for a quick play with my scalectrix.
Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

GREAT VIDEO! loved the part about when Wilfred would be in Dad's trousers. shudder.

Anonymous said...

you changed your lay-out!

Wilf said...

THanks, Candy! It was fun to do.

I got bored with the other layout but unfortunately with this one there's a great big white space. I suppose I'll have to try and muck about with the code to shift the heading.


Anonymous said...

i nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award (it's a meme). Check out my blog for details.