Friday, March 10, 2006

The Black Hole

I doubt that even Buzz would want to fly his spacecraft near a real black hole. These are like lurking monsters in space waiting to gobble up anything that comes near them- spaceships, really big trees, even planets. And once you're sucked in, there's no turning back. Not even Dexter could run away from this. Nobody knows what's on the other side or even if there is another side. It's a big mystery. Like the inside of the, 'Pit of Despair'.

'Round here!' Dexter is skulking in the shadows of the tall bushes at tthe side of the house. 'I've found something!'
As I crouch down next to Dexter, I hear the front door open.
'Who's there?' calls a voice.
I hesitate. Should I go back? I am on the verge when the voice says. 'Anymore nonsense and I'll call the police! You hear me?!'
The door slams shut.
Bother. It's really cold now. My nose feels as though it has left my body and my fingers are stinging. It's all Dexter's fault. He points at a small window at ground level. It is a black hole.
'It's open,' he whispers. 'I pushed it.'
I nod wisely. I look at the uninviting black hole. I think about Grandpa Jack and his sufferings.
'I'm going in,' I say.
'Good luck,' says Dexter. 'It's my teatime.'
'It's my Grandpa,' I say.
'Exactly,' he says, 'see you.'
And Dexter the ratfink runs off-again.

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