Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fascinating Invention-No. 2 Lobbing machines-The Trebuchet and The Catapult

The trebuchet was an Italian invention of the fifteenth century (see right). It was made of wood and iron and stood fifteen metres high. What's really brilliant is that this fantastic weapon could chuck rocks and animals and probably dead bodies quite a long way. Imagine a cow landing on top of you! That would hurt. Of course, the best use for it I can think of is lobbing snowballs, just like the catapult. I'd love to see Dexter's face if I wheeled either of these out. Need some snow first.


Peter Bently said...

Fantastic blog, Wilf. Did you know, in the Crusades, they couldn't find any wood to make a siege engine until one of the Crusaders got a touch of tummy trouble (probably something the water) and had to run to a cave VERY quickly. While he was sitting there, he spotted a whole stash of wood that someone had hidden and bingo! they built the siege engine and won the siege. The only known instance of diarrhoea changing the course of history!

Wilf said...

Thanks, Peter! And I didn't know that fascinating fact. But now I do know I shall drop it into the conversation whenever I can. I'll start with mum and dad.