Thursday, August 24, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!


Susan Abraham said...

What a delightful gift for your friends, Wilf.
Thank you.

Atyllah said...

Way cool, Wilf! Those basalt formations are amazing!

Jude said...

As my nephew would say this is soooo coo-ool! You're such a techno whiz. Love it.

Wilf said...

These slideshows are fantastically easy to set up - you just need the photos, Atyllah's is on Flickr, I got mine through Claire - I just have to stop myself putting one on every other day, I just love the look of them!

Claire Jones said...

The Godmother strikes again... and she is back online after the move and Scottish holiday.

Checkout Flickr for the Dundee HSFP photos - cooking on gas we were!!

By the way Ads... Meet us in Bas... wrong town... we've moved north!;-)

Wilf said...

I'll check out Flickr! And have made a mental note of correct town for descending upon purposes!