Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fascinating Invention No. 8 - The Bee Plane

with a length under 9.5 ft (2.9 m) and a wingspan of just 6.5 ft (2 m) the Guinness Book of World Records considered the Bumble Bee to be the smallest plane in the world following its first successful flight on 28 January 1984 but STOP PRESS that is nothing. Just read what the excited Professor Gursal, a mechanical engineer at the University of Bath, has just said-

"Our work will make the goal of tiny aircraft, perhaps eventually the size of bees, a step closer."

Everyone would like a plane the size of a bee, that is what he is saying and I can absolutely see
why. I think this is completely brilliant and I really really want one of these little planes. Apparantly the big important difference which makes it all possible is, NOT having fixed wings, like on ordinary aeroplanes. The smaller you go, the better it is to copy nature and make the wings flap up and down; so the team studied insects' wings as part of a programme to develop tidgy aircraft with cameras and sensors built in.
What can you do with these teeny tiny aircraft? You have to ask???

-spyplane. It could whizz into secret meetings and find stuff out although the danger of swatting is high

-scout. I am not talking about Baden-Powell's boy scouts because he did not send his scouts ahead into battles to find out military information for the army commanders. That sort of scout would be killed on a regular basis, unlike the boy scouts, hopefully. Actually Baden-Powell was a scout in the Boer war as well as being chief scout of the world and he survived until he was 90.
-fire and rescue operations. Apart from Hollywood film stars or mad delinquents, if you ask for volunteers to go into places which a
re on fire or falling down, not many hands will go up. The bee plane would go in, no problem.
-transport for really tiny insects; air ambulance for injured or elderly insects, luxury aircraft for rich insects or just plain transport for lazy insects.
Beeline - let the plane take the strain.

It makes me ponder, that maybe stick insects could be adapted to make excellent spies. Not only can they climb like James Bond but they would be invisible; attach a motor to them and they would be perfect. Hmmm...


Susan Abraham said...

A highly-cute striking invention indeed, Wilf.
Who would think that a bumble bee could choose a different way to fly?
You are a clever young lad to be sure. :-)

Saaleha said...

I must admit that I'm not mad about insects. But bees are special. They do make honey, right? And the bee plane does have huge possibilities. Can you imagine what spies could achieve with them. The Draconians could be unmasked. That Bush is one in disguise could finally be proven. The possibilities are endless.

Fluffy said...

I for one would love to own one of these tiny aircraft, I could discover exactly what Mr Snuggles is up to and keep a close eye on him!


Dr T & Mrs J said...


You couldn't make sure it's sorted for the Rugby World Cup - we could find out what the All Blacks are planning to do! Training sessions, team talks and we could even be really naughty at the Haka. One bee plane up the Haka leader's nose and Ritchie McCaw and his men would be all at sea!

We could practice with London Irish - I have the supply of fully sugared Coca Cola arranged!

The Godmother rules!

Wilf said...

It is cute, Susan! Thanks.

Wilf said...

Bees do make honey but bee-planes do not which is a shame because they would probably make quite a lot of honey and deliver it as well.
I agree, the bee-planes could be put to use to work for good. I think President Bush is useless and will unmask himself and we need not waste a precious bee-plane on him!

Wilf said...

Mr Snuggles. Yes, he needs a close eye kept on him and the bee-plane could also just be really annoying.

Wilf said...

Bee-plane up the nose sounds a bit too medical with the added danger of bogey damage. Then again, England could do with some help against the All Blacks...
London-Irish! Sugary drinks!Crisps???
I cannot wait-Godmother DOES rule.

Atyllah said...

Young Wilf, you have just far too much imagination! I'm forwarding your piece to one of the Professors on Novapulse, he's into inventions and designs. I feel he and you could get along well together.

The rest of the multiverse had better watch out, with you around, who knows what humans will be dreaming up next. Please just remember, Novapulsians = Friend; Draconians = Enemy.

Wilf said...

I will always remember, Atyllah and try to beehave.A conversation with a Novapulsian professor sounds fascinating. Do you have bees?

Susan Abraham said...


That is so witty, Wilf. :-)

Wilf said...

You are the bee's knees, Susan.

Khylan Seriphyn said...

buzzzzzzz....buzzzzz... It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a - a bee? Try not to get stung by that one boys :0)