Monday, June 11, 2007

Something BIG has Occurred

Something BIG has occurred. Eek.


Richard said...

Eeek! What is it? Are you alright, Wilf?

Wilf said...

I cannot bring myself to tell you straight out, Richard. I may have to armour myself with an exo-skeleton first. I do not have any nasty diseases and all of my body is still with me. More soon, too soon.

Shameless said...

Wilf, you have me worried here now ... I hope it's big as in BIG SUCCESS STORY. What's happened to your adopted lion in all of this ... is he OK? I send you positive energy. :)

Wilf said...

Agh!! Shameless! Thankyou for reminding me! I have duly popped my lovely lion onto the sidebar.

No, it is not a big success story like having one of my inventions taken up by a multinational corporation or anything exciting like that, no it is...I cannot tell you yet, I think Dexter should know first, he might know what to do.

Shameless said...

Great Wilf, just added your bit of prose to your listing on the circle page ... and a name for your beast? And should I ask: What is the big thing that's occured?!!