Monday, November 12, 2007

Do Not Let Dexter Anywhere Near

So, here is how you sort out stick insect poo from stick insect eggs.

1. Remove your sticks from their house (they will be quite unhappy about this and will show it if you look closely)

2. Tip out assorted eggs/poo onto some plain paper (newspaper gets really confusing).

3. Get bowl of water and drop some in. The eggs will sink and the poo will float. Remove eggs and leave to dry (do not use a hairdryer, like Dexter did).

4. Or, make a shape sorter. The poo is smaller than the eggs and will drop though a household sieve and leave the eggs (wash it afterwards but not with the eggy/poo water, like Dexter did)

5. Do not let Dexter anywhere near either of these processes.

6. Do not let Dexter do either of these processes in your guest bedroom.

7. Do not let Dexter do either of these processes in your guest bedroom and then get the vacuum cleaner out.


Vesper said...

What do you do with the eggs, Addy? :-) Lovely sticks, where can one find them?

Suzan Abrams said...

Ooh...very cleaver Wilf. You could write a book about stick insects in recipe form like the handsome Jamie Oliver or the grumpy Gordon Ramsay. :-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I am glad I have neither you nor Dexter in my house, young Wilf. I do not like the thought of Stick poo in my sieve or stick eggs near my hairdryer. Little boys, I've decided, are a very worrying version of the human species. Can't you learn to bake or something rather - like that Jamie Oliver person or that Gordon Ramsay grump-pot that Suzan mentioned?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I've got it all down, I will keep it for future use, thank you Buzz!

Scarlett & V.

Wilf said...

Unfortunately, Vesper, our crop of about 200 eggs was sitting in a discarded flimsy plastic jam tart container. Said container was then chucked out by our cleaner. So the babies are even now wiating to spring out of a land-fill site somewhere.
We were given our sticks by a friend at work but I have even see them advertised on e-bay. A.

Wilf said...

Mum says I am handsome and grumpy, Suzan, so your idea might just work.

Wilf said...

Cooking is actually on my list of stuff to do, Atyllah, but the tunnel has to come first as Mum is now very big. Grandpa Jack told me that he was one of the first people to get caught trying to tunnel out of Colditz, so it must be a family thing.

Wilf said...

They are important facts, Wanderlust and Scarlett. Keep them safe.

c.s. said...

this is probably one of the most original write one can find on a blog. very interesting!

i've just tagged you for a meme. no obligations.