Monday, April 07, 2008

Slightly Droopy News

The slightly droopy news is that, The Friday Project has stopped being a publisher because it ran out of money. Even droopier news is that the money ran out before, 'Wilf's World' was made into a book.
Here is a drooping plant. It is on my window sill and it still needs watering to make it perk up. It is a big shame that I cannot add water to the stick insects to make them perk up. Mum put them on the window sill, so they could see outside and now they are all dead with sunburn. That is the droopiest news of all.


Candy Gourlay said...

oh no. i'm sorry to hear that. but we have faith in you - at least you've got that parade of picture books coming out soon! wilf will find a publisher, i'm sure of it!

here's a picture of a bookseller to cheer you up.

Candy Gourlay said...

ps. you should water that plant.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Candy, words to cheer and a piccie that made me laugh my socks and everything else off. Is he a relation of yours?
P.S. The plant picked the wrong family to rely on and had been made droopy by the overloving attentions of The Young. It drowned.

Candy Gourlay said...

poor plant.

commiserations on your poor choice of family.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Really sorry to hear about the book and the stick insects.

One should always choose one's ancestors carefully.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Addy,

This is really sad news. But, I also feel positive someone will publish it soon. It is such a great idea.

Well, to cheer you up I have tagged you.

Take a look at my last post to see what I'm talking about:

All the best,

Lee said...

lf, I'm really sorry to hear this.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Sooo sorry to hear about this, Addy, you must have been devastated having gone so far down the road. I've no doubt though that someone else will soon pick up Wilf's Wonderful World. Meanwhile, good to see you back in the blogosphere!

Vesper said...

Addy, I'm so very sorry about your disappointment. But you're wonderfully talented and I'm sure you'll find another publisher. Good luck!

In the meantime, I too am glad to see you back. :-)

Wilf said...

Thanks very much for the support, Dame Hon, Lee, Anita, AV and Vesper.

Fanton said...

Now The Friday Project is slowly coming back to life, under the watchful gaze of HarperCollins, will you be trying to get your book published again?

Wilf said...

Hi Fanton,
The lovely people at HC did not take to Wilf, the wya Scott did, so, yes I am still looking for a publisher but elsewhere!
Best wishes