Thursday, May 01, 2008

He Is Called George

My baby brother is now five months and one week old which is old enough as far as I am concerned. The quite bad thing is that I am jealous of his name. He is called George. This is clearly a terrible name to lumber anyone with but it is three times better than Alan and three million times better than Wilfred.
One of George's problems (apart from being called George) is that he looks like a potato. You could feel sorry for his lumpy head with its piggy eyes but then you look closer and realise that he is a Sontaran and in actual fact one of Dr Who's greatest enemies and very very evil. All you have to do is stick a baby-gro on a Sontaran and you have George, the baby Sontaran.

George likes to sleep for a few minutes before waking up and shouting. George likes to have clean nappies for a few minutes before making them smell very bad. George likes to sit quietly on your lap for a few minutes before throwing up on your best party trousers. Mum and Dad tell me that I was like him once, all shouty and smelly and nauseating.
But I know this is a lie - they must be thinking of Grandpa Jack.


Anonymous said...

this made me laugh!

if you think all that's bad, wilf, wait until george begins to BITE.

watch this YouTube video

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Sounds more like Father Jack to me

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Oh Wilf, so glad to see you back - you've been missed! And I agree with Dame Honoria Glossop - George definitely sounds like "that" Father Jack!

Wilf said...

I try not to go anywhere near George's mouth parts, as a rule.
The video was VV funny.

Wilf said...

Wow, Dame Hon, that looks just like Grandpa Jack after he has had a shave and a bit of a wash.