Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weird Bloke

The nightmare that is the school trip is here. I sit on the back seat next to Dexter, Miranda and a new boy called Isambard. I like Isambard, mainly because he has a worse name than me but also because he is quite keen on Buzz Aldrin and wants to be an astronaut.

Here are the good bit about the bus. Weird Bloke is a helper.
Mrs Trundle, headteacher and part-time assassin is on a course about being nice to children so Weird Bloke is with us instead. He is short and has no lips (quite weird). He speaks in a high pitched rush, like he is trying to get all his words in before being crushed by a giant foot (really weird) and he is married to Mrs Trundle (SHIVER). He is always trying to make you interested in boring stuff like fishing and poems about daffodils. Anyway, he is not often seen outside, because of his head. The fact is, his head is not really attached to his hair nowadays. He thinks that nobody knows this fact but he is wrong.

We are on the motorway. Weird Bloke has turned round to us. He is opening his mouth to talk about fishing to Dexter. Dexter is going all shifty eyes. If he was not sitting on a coach he would be running away. Isambard and Miranda stare out of the windows at the interesting motorway metal barriers. Only I can help. There is one chance.

'I feel sick, Mr Trundle,' I say.
'Sick?' he says, 'sick? Sick?'
I nod. 'Too hot,' I bend over. 'Ugh. Need air.'
'Air?' says Mr Trundle, 'air? Air?' He looks round, maybe for some air.
'Up there, the window in the roof!' I say.
'The roof, of course, the roof, the roof!' He reaches up and pushes at the glass.

It opens in a rush. His wig flies upwards and is sucked outside. It dances about outside the window for a bit and then escapes into the woods.

The Austrian-born wigmaker established the House of Louis Feder, Inc., in 1914, created his famous "Tashay" (he did not like the word, "toupee") and advertised it as "a hurricane-resisting hairpiece that can be combed and brushed, kept on in high winds and when swimming, and worn for weeks without removal."


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Oh Wilf, I do admire your style! Smart thinking, that boy!

Anonymous said...

oh you are evil.

Wilf said...

I am smart and evil. And that can only be good. He he he.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

You could grow up to be An Evil Genius with a hideaway inside a mountain.

Wilf said...

I think my Evil Genius hideaway, Dame Hon, will be in a space station circling the earth.In space nobody can hear you cackle.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I see you have potential to be an evil genius yourself! And in space no less! They'll make a movie about you, if you do it.

This is very good, excellent thinking on the spot... I'm sure it worked perfectly.

If he'd stood any closer to it, perhaps he'd have been sucked out as well.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore