Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back to the Story

Dexter is supremely keen on Rudolph and his sleigh pulling ability. He thinks he looks so great in his flashing Rudolph ears but he actually does not. This is a picture done by a baby-child and this is about as clever as Dexter looks in his flashing Rudolph ears. I, on the other hand, am very interested in Santa's sleigh because it is a remarkable invention. I would truely like a toboggan that could fly but I'll settle for one with a motor. Strapping Dexter and his flashing Rudolph ears on the front might be an interesting idea though.

Back to the story and back in time to Christmas! Remember-the Parents were trying to fob me off with collecting firewood with Dexter.
Dexter is standing outside looking up at the sky.
'I'm getting an x-track for Christmas,' he says, flashing his Rudolph ears on and off. 'I'll let you play with it if you want.'
'Could do,' I say, trying not to be bothered.
'Yeah, it's really good. It's the one on TV and I bet I'm getting the super-x car to go with it!'
'I expect I'll be a bit busy,' I say wanting him to be quiet and listen to me for a change.
'And it'll be the red one,' he says.
'I'll be too busy,' I shout, 'playing with my MOTORISED TOBOGGAN!'
Dexter's Rudolph ears stop flashing. 'Can't see the point-when there's no snow.'
I decide to change the subject.

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