Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Family Holiday

I have been quiet because I was forced to go on holiday with the parents. They wouldn't listen to me when I said that I could stay with Dexter and his big sister. His mum and dad were going away AND they were letting Trixy and Dexter have a party! Anyway we had to travel about 50 million light years in the car to get to Cornwall where the only thing you can eat is cream tea. This is supremely disgusting and what with all the marching about to stare at places and having no food, my ribs now poke out alot. The cottage was fab (see picture) although the parents thought it was a miserable shack. There was running water-coming down the walls and electricity-from 9pm-9.30pm and an open fire-but no chimney. We didn't spend much time there for some reason but we did spend too much time going to see crumbling buildings and big gardens where I had to fill out little forms to make sure I enjoyed myself. The supreme place to visit in Cornwall is, 'Barometer World'.
If only more places were as interesting as this place.

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