Saturday, June 17, 2006


Cloudseeding-that's what it reminded me of (see right).When scientists wanted to make rain they could put chemicals in the clouds and whoosh! Rain. So when I woke up it was like a scientist had been really busy outside making snow, instant snow. And I know there are snow machines but this would have to have been a giant machine because the snow was EVERYWHERE and really deep. I think it is especially thick because Mrs Next-Door has chucked all her snow into our garden. And now the four million cats from our garden have all gone into Mrs Next-Door's garden. She won't like that.

There is something wrong. My eyes are open but all I can see is white. There is white falling outside the window. It's snowing. I suddenly remember last night and all those bright sparks falling from his fingers. White sparks like snow. . . It's snowing!
'IT'S SNOWING!' I yell and I sit up in bed.
'Jin-gle bells, jin-gle bells, jin-gle al the way,' sings Dexter the computer, except it does not sound much like singing but I don't like to tell him this.
'Happy Christmas, Dexter! The garden's full of SNOW!' I can't even see where Mrs Next-Door's specially reinforced concrete wall is.
'Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse o-pen sleigh-heh,' Dexter makes it sound about as much fun as eating cabbage. But I don't care-last night I saw Father Christmas.
I hear the noise of the vacuum cleaner singing. It's tuned to a classical radio station-Mum and Dad have opened their Christmas present already! And it works! YIPPEE!!


Angus said...

I like it when it snows, biut it never snows like it did when I was a child. I used to spend all the days when it snowed sledging down Rodborough Common from the fort. Once I was going so fast the sledge collapsed under me.


PS A view of Rodborough Fort can be found here;

Wilf said...

Thanks, Angus. Lots of old people say that it used to snow ALL winter when they were young.
Rodborough Common looks great-thankyou.

Susan Abraham said...

And all things considering, Happy Christmas, Wilf!

Wilf said...

Thanks, Susan! I know it's odd being all about Christmas but I wanted to let everyone what my family was like!

Susan Abraham said...

That's cool, Wilf. Just let me know when it's time to pack up the tree and if you have any extra pressies on the's hoping.

Jude said...

Oh Chrsitmas is such a winner. It reminds of childhood. Enjoyable read, as always, Addy/