Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Don't Care

If you talk to Grandpa Jack about football victory moves, he tuts and says that you should be in the game for the playing . He believes that football should be played in long trousers, that pipesmoking is OK while you are on the pitch and that the best move you can do is a 'plucky move'. See left - titchy boy tackles boy twice his size.

Not once or twice in our rough island story
The path of duty was the way to glory
He that walks it, only thirsting

For the right, and learns to deaden
Love of self, before his journey closes...'

From Young England for 1912, p237

So, I am not talking to Dexter. He walks to the bus queue with Tyson, not me and I can see them practising their football scoring victory things; Dexter does a jump with two fists in the air (he copied that off me) and Tyson does a knee slide and gets a telling off from The Trundle. Meanwhile Oliver-James follows me like a giant annoying puppy,

'Why aren't you wearing your Alan badge, Wilf? When's the first meeting, Wilf? Can I bring my Uncle Alan, Wilf?'
Dexter is at the head of the bus queue and is laughing his head off with the others.
I don't care.
'IT'S ALIEN!' I bellow up at Oliver-James (he is too tall) , 'A-L-I-E-N - ALIEN!'
'It says Alan,' Oliver-James shrugs. 'I don't want to be an alien - that's just weird.'
He chucks the badge on the concrete.
'Aliens aren't weird!' I call after him, 'they are really interesting and they are really here! There might even be some in the school! You could be one!'
'I'd rather be an Alan,' Oliver-James calls back. 'I bet Alans have more fun.'

Miranda gets on the bus as well. She walks all the way to the back of the bus and squeezes next to me and Itisham. This is where Dexter normally sits but today Dexter is sitting with Tyson in front of me.
I don't care.
Itisham has his mini-gameboy from McDonalds and is trying to make it work by stamping on it.
I have a go and use my conker and it actually goes 'beep' before it dies.
'That's rubbish,' says Dexter twisting round. 'I've got a proper gameboy at home - it's really good.'
I know about this because I have played for a long time on Dexter's really good gameboy.
I just say, 'humph.' Dexter gives me a look.
'SO WHAT?' butts in Miranda with her very loud voice. 'SOME PEOPLE ARE POOR AND DON'T HAVE PROPER GAMETOYS!'
'We're not poor!' says Itisham.
'It's Gameboys!' I laugh. She knows nothing.
'Shut up,' says Dexter, looking at me. 'You didn't mind playing with my gameboy!'
'SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK AND ONLY EAT IN MACDONALDS!' Miranda just carries on shouting about what she thinks.
'We know how to cook!' Itisham stands up and barges past her.
'Dexter only eats in MacDonalds,' I sigh. He is so lucky.
'I like MacDonalds!' snarls Dexter. 'But I don't like you.' He moves down the bus with Tyson.
'What?' I turn to Miranda. 'What is his problem?'
And for once I agree with her. I shrug.
I don't care.


Atyllah said...

Oh dear, Wilf, you really are having an awful time with your friends. I do hope you and Dexter make up soon - it's so awful not talking to your best mate.

And as for that Oliver-James boy - just send him to me, I'll show him that there are aliens amongst you - and if I can't, Granny certainly will. He'll have plenty to think about before calling us weird. Cheeky little blighter. Hmph!

Jude said...

I second that. Growing pains. I hope things sort themselves out Wilf.

Wilf said...

Yeah, it's tough being 9, people just do not realise. Actually I think Oliver-James is some sort of alien (not the nice chickeny sort) either that or he is just annoying and stupid.

Wilf said...

I think things will sort themselves out, Jude. I hope it is soon because I am meant to be going round to Dexter's house for tea next week.

Atyllah said...

Wilf, I'm going with stupid and annoying. I've checked the intergalactic database and can't find any record of any alien posing as Oliver-James.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Wilf,
What excellent scenes of school life & friendships, you've drawn up for your reader.
I remember similiar episodes & more.
Perhaps too, Wilf, you should consider a support group.


Wilf said...

Tee hee, Susan - a support group. My mum runs masses of those. I think she needs a support group to support her supporting all those support groups.

jason evans said...

'I don't want to be an alien - that's just weird.'

That line was perfect! Funny and crushing at the same moment.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Jason. I am really sure that Oliver-James had no idea he was being clever.

Khylan said...

Poor Wilf, friends sometimes can be such a pain.

Wilf said...

Yours too, Khylan? Awful isn't it?