Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Phase 3 of The Grand Plan for Dreadful Revenge

A duel would be one way of sorting out me and Miranda but actually I think she might be quite fast and I do not want to risk losing any more bits than I have to.

So, we have cunningly lured Miranda back into her own mega-rainforest jungle bedroom. She stands, feet apart, hands on hips and narrows her eyes. I keep my worry that she has seen through my Grand Plan for Dreadful Revenge under control with some on-the-spot-running.
'My bedroom is the biggest in the house,' boasts Miranda and I can see she wants us to go, 'ooo' and 'aaah'.
I decide to play along. 'Not bad,' I say, doing an extra- athletic jump.
Dexter looks at me.
'You see, I have my Princess Bed,' she points to a giant pink blancmange thing beneath the window smothered with matching pink blancmange curtains. 'Everybody wants one.'
'Quite good,' I am lavishing praise now and practically leaping.
'It is DISGUSTING,' Dexter points out. 'Can we just see the sticks before I'm sick.'
Luckily, she is too carried away to listen. I budge Dexter and give him the secret sign about our mission but I am leaping too much and we both fall down next to the mini-fridge.
'And then of course there are all my photos that I took going round the world.'
Then she waits. Dexter and me get up and look at one another all shifty eyes. Finally Dexter asks.
'What photos?'
She sighs and points to the wall and we suddenly see that what I thought was dingy, blurry random wall paper is actually a wall of truely awful photos.
'Very...very,' one wrong word and I sense we will have to leave before our mission is complete.
'Nice,' supplies Dexter. 'Very nice.'
'Yes, I have been everywhere and I did take all of them.' She smirks.
Here is our chance. I wink and say. 'Take a closer look, Dexter - maybe you can find your Dad's semi-detached villa in Spain...' I try and sidle to the stick cages.
'Oh right,' says Dexter. 'I really want a fizzy orange from your mini-fridge, Miranda - then you can tell me all about your photos.'
She is so desperate to show off she cannot see the totally blatant bribery involved here. He takes the can and pulls the ring. SQUOOOOSH! Shot!
'It's all over my Princess Bed!' she squeals and runs out.
'Brilliant, Dexter!' I tell him.
He shrugs. 'It was an accident.'
'No, I mean it really is brilliant!'
I run to the cage of sticks in the shady corner of the room and peer in at the sticks clambering very slowly up the branches. I carefully carefully take out my old ice-cream carton and reach in and yank the sticks off the branches. That's the great thing about sticks, they do not complain at all and for all I know they quite like being sticknapped.
I glance at Dexter. 'Give me the supplies!' I snap.
He fumbles around inside his coat and pulls out the family pack of twiglets. I place the twiglets carefully on the branches.
'There!' I say.
'What?' asks Miranda, returning with a dripping cloth the size of our tablecloth.
'Miranda,' I say, 'we've had enough of your stick insect jokes! So watch this!
'What are you doing?' she says and there is panic in her voice as I raise the lid. 'Ciao, sticks, nice knowing ya!' And I sweep a load of twiglet sticks out of the cage and into my mouth.
She drops the cloth and screams - alot.
'Your turn, Dexter.'
'Yum yum,' says Dexter and he rummages around and picks up some more and crunches down hard.
'YOU MURDERERS!!!' she screeches, and tears out of the door, 'CHAS! CHAS! THEY'RE EATING THE STICKS!!!!'
'I think I actually ate one,' says Dexter pulling a face.
We put the sticks Dexter has not actually eaten back in the cage and decide it is time to find the back door.
Mission accomplished, I think. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-Ha and HA


Saaleha said...

Oooh, sweet revenge. I hope the nasty miss double dealer has learnt that Wilf is not the kind of boy to be messing around with
:-) Good for you!

Susan Abraham said...

Dear Wilf,
What a superbly-told episode!
Your childhood stories are fascinating.
Your time with your friends Dexter & Miranda & adventures with the most ordinary things like sticks & ice-cream cartons bring tears to my eyes.
It helps me remember my first best friends.
We played hopscotch, dolls and skipping ropes.
I guess we were all as tiny as you then.
And you know when you grow to be a man, you will remember these times with a smile.

P.S. I so looooooove Miranda, don't you? ;-)

Richard said...

A job well done, I think!

Did you ask Dexter what a real stick tastes like? I would ask my pet rabbit (he likes to eat that sort of thing) but he's not very talkative at the moment.

Oh and I'm now craving twiglets!

Wilf said...

THanks, Saleeha, it did feel very good.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Susan but I am not tiny; Tyson who plays rugby for the Hopham Mashers is tiny, I am just medium/big. NO - I do NOT love Miranda and I NEVER will. At least you did not mention kissing this time.

Wilf said...

I have to tell you, Richard, that most rabbits do not talk, except for Bugs Bunny AND I thought rabbits were vegetarians. So, maybe you have the only english speaking, meat-eating rabbit in the whole universe.
I do understand about twiglets though.

Khylan Seriphyn said...

You devious, dastardly, devil Wilf. Good for you getting your own. Lol!

Wilf said...

Thankyou, Khylan. It did feel good. Ha-ha-ha.