Friday, March 02, 2007

The Grand Plan for Dreadful Revenge

During the second world war there was a lot of worry about Britain being invaded by German spies. Someone came up with a grand plan to identify the German secret agents. This was to make them believe that British secret agents always painted one foot blue (which of course they did not). So all anyone had to do to trap a German spy was to casually try and get their socks off. It did not catch on.

My plan is much simpler than the blue-foot plan which would have taken alot of time and effort and paint.
Here is phase one of my Grand Plan for Dreadful Revenge.
TARGET: Miranda.
OBJECTIVE: With the application of cool cunning get her to agree to a meeting.

'Have you seen James Bond?' I ask Dexter as we step out of the jet-black Aston Martin going undercover as a bus.
'Where?' asks Dexter, looking around the playground.
'No! I mean the film, James Bond! The spy one.'
He shrugs. 'Yeah. Got it at home; it's all right - not enough action.'
I goggle for a bit and then turn my eagle-eyed attention to the target. Miranda. Double crosser, double agent. She is mooching around near Mrs Trundle's office. I can see Mrs Trundle is even now on the phone, probably agreeing to more work in her role as part-time government assassin. The Bug Club girls gaggle round Miranda. They make me uncomfortable with their talk of wasp spiders and pink stuff.
'You know what to do then,' I tell Dexter. I put one hand in my dinner jacket (school coat) pocket and we stroll in a casual sort of way in their direction. 'Just play it cool.'
I smile to myself. She will not suspect a thing.
'Oi!' shouts Dexter at Miranda and he waves his arms about as though he is drowning. 'I WANT TO SEE YOUR STICK INSECTS!'
Oh smooth.
I slip out of Bond mode and punch him. 'Phase one!'
He punches me back, quite hard.
I notice Miranda and the Bug Club sniggering at us. I push him. He pushes me back.
'STOP FIGHTING!' Mrs Trundle, the headteacher and part-time assassin, has spotted our delinquent behaviour. She has somehow apparated out of her office and clean into the playground and is bearing down on us like a guided missile.
'That was your fault! How are we supposed to get her to agree to a meeting now!' I tell Dexter. 'You've blown Phase One!'
'Do you want to come over after school then?' bellows Miranda. 'You can see some BIG stick insects!' They are outright laughing now.
At a distance of one metre, The Trundle has her killer whistle up to her thin lips. This could be the end.
Dexter nudges me. 'Phase one complete.'
I want to reply but I am thrown off my feet by the force of The Trundle's explosive whistling.


Atyllah said...

Wilf Bond, 00Agent - has distinct possibilities, young Wilf. Let me know if you need any secret-agenting and undercover tips. Perhaps together we could dream up a brilliant trap for both Miranda and The Trundle!

Anonymous said...

I love the military operation!

Wilf said...

I may well be coming to you for advice, Atyllah. I will have to see how phase 2 goes. I have set the trap (or rather, Dexter has), it just needs to be sprung.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Jason. I have to be organized with Dexter around.

Susan Abraham said...

Wilf, how could you?
Miranda's no double-agent or double-crosser.
How could you call her those beastly names?
Did you think her teas in the past week, were a deliberate set-up?
How hurt she would be Wilf.
Miranda is the love of your life.
Stars, roses, stick insects, Christmas cards and all of that..
But the there's a star crook! She needs kidnapping & handcuffing! ;-)

Wilf said...

Stop it, Susan, I am going to be sick. My Grand Plan is too far advanced to be stopped now...
The Trundle is another matter, I think there is something going on at the school and it is not education.
I may have to investigate further.

Saaleha said...

I think you make a dashing double agent. Miranda needs to watch out. No one crosses Wilf and lives to tell the tale

Wilf said...

So true, Saleeha, so true (suave, evil laugh).

khylan said...

007 Wilf - tee hee. Sounds like an important mission. Wonder what you have up your sleeves for phase 2.

Wilf said...

Ha, Khylan - I will never tell you, even under torture!!!
Not until I post anyway.