Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Mega-Legus

So, we are busy under the stairs jack-hammering out the new bedroom. The hole is now impessively deep and Dexter and I are waist deep when we find the dinosaur bone.
'I think we are on to something here,' I say. I rub the dirt off- what is most likely- a bit of its leg.
'Here's another one,' says Dexter, hauling the other leg bit out of the soil.
We study the two legs.
'Do you think there's any more of it?' I whisper. 'I mean maybe we can get it named after us, like Wilfasaurus Dex.'
'Dextersaurus Wilf,' says Dexter.
'No, because that does not sound right and it is my house,' I point out. So we have a bit of a scuffle and I fall back onto yet another bone. 'It must be an arm,' I say, even though it looks like the other legs.
And Dexter gets quite excited and starts jammering the jack all over the place and the hole gets deeper much quicker. 'There's more!' he shouts and pulls out loads of bones. 'This dinosaur has alot of legs!' he says. 'The Mega-Legus!'
I crawl along into the massive tunnel to look for more dinosaur evidence and that is when I hear the noise; a sort of shuffling and growling, getting closer.
'There's something else down here,' I whisper. Dexter crawls into the tunnel. 'Listen.'
We put our ears to the wall of mud.
A hideous claw reaches through the tumbling dirt. There is some screaming, mostly from Dexter. We scrabble back too late. A pair of open jaws with long fangs clamped down over a Mega-Legus bone, shoves its way through the hole.
'There's masses of them!' screeches Dexter, 'it's an invasion!'
'WILFRED?!' calls a voice from above. 'WILFRED!' It's Mrs Next-Door.
'Get out of here!' I shout. 'Save yourself!'


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

How very exciting!
Please update us as soon as possible... it's so thrilling to wonder what happens next!

Merry Christmas

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh! Wilf! What have you unearthed! Quick, quick, the next installment - I don't think I can bear the suspense! I hope you're able to use that jackhammer as a weapon if need be! You may have to save Mrs Next Door - and Dexter (and of course yourself - but I can tell you're going to have to be the hero of the hour!) OOOH, the excitement!

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

There are 2 possibilities :-

1) Your house is built on top of an ancient burial ground and the TV will eat the new babychild (like in that film about Amityville). Which, come to think of it, would be a result.

2) You have found where Mrs Next Door's little dogs bury their bones.

angrygraham said...


I think you should be careful wit the bones you have found as you will need to keep them together to be able to properly study the beast in its original situation.

Wilf said...

THanks S and V. I think you will find the next bit not quite so thrilling maybe.

Wilf said...

It was actually a little too exciting when I thought we were going to die, Atyllah but that is what all pioneers have to put up with, I suppose.

Wilf said...

No, 2 would have been exciting Dame Hon but no.1 is what it was. Luckily Mrs Next-Door did not appear to notice us buried underneath all her dogs, so I am really hoping she will not investigate the new underground doorway she has.

Wilf said...

I do not know what Mrs Next-Door is feeding her barkers but the bones are BIG. Perhpas that will need to be investigated...

Wilf said...

Do not get angry, Angrygraham but I like being called Wilf or Buzz but NOT Wilfred (shudder).