Sunday, February 26, 2006

Operation Christmas Rescue

Granpa Jack says that he doesn't like to make a fuss which is why he won't call in the police to sort out, 'The Pit of Despair'. I would like to call the police because I've never done it before, except when I was a baby-child and I used to call them at least once a week until mum got into trouble.

The first part of Operation Christmas Rescue (OCR) goes smoothly. All day, I keep out of mum and dad's way. Dexter comes by and we work very hard. Dexter thinks the attic would make a brilliant clubhouse but we already have one of those in the garden. By the end of the afternoon, Granpa Jack's bedroom is ready. He has:
A carpet-I couldn't find any lying around, so we cut a nice big square from under my bed, where no-one will miss it.
A bed-two old sleeping bags zipped together and a pillow Serena doesn't use anymore.
A light-all the candles I could find and my miner's lamp.
Reading stuff-a few copies of my magazine, 'The Way Things Work'.
Dexter even found a tin of paint in the garage. So we painted half a wall before giving up because painting things is actually quite boring.

Now to part two of OCR-the tricky part.
'Mum? Can I go round to Dexter's for tea?'
She looks up from reading the paper at the kitchen table. Dad is taking mince pies out of the oven.
'Well, I suppose so. Be back by seven thirty, Wilfred. It's Christmas. You don't want to be over excited.'
As if.
I grab my coat and scoot. Dexter has legged it already and is half way down the front garden. I catch him up and we run down the road towards, 'The Pit of Despair'.
Now this is what I call, doing something interesting.

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