Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Plan for Granpa Jack

This penguin is probably the actual size you need to be to be comfortable in the attic room. Granpa Jack is tall and thin so he'll have to bend alot. He doesn't like fish which is a bonus because he tends to forget about the washing up and cleaning stuff. He's also not keen on the cold which is good because all the heat ends up in the attic room.

Granpa Jack definitely needs cheering up. He is miserable in the Pit of Despair and I know Mum and Dad would really LIKE him to come back here. They keep saying they don't have the room. So I sit on the stairs and think about what room we do have.
There is:
1. My inventroom-but there's hardly enough room for me and Dexter, let alone Granpa Jack.
2. Mum and Dad's room-but there's no room for another bed in there and Dad wouldn't want another person in their bed, even though it's quite wide.
3. The Box room. This is full of boxes.
4. The attic. This is full...of nothing!

So, I run up the small flight of stairs and up to the gnome-sized, attic door. It's a bit stiff but one good heave and I'm in. On Planet Parent they are always making plans and one of their big plans is about clearing out the attic so they can do something with it. But they never do anything, so I'm doing them a favour actually. A quick description. The attic is a long, thin room. I can see the thick dust caught in the light coming in through a small square window at the far end. I step forwards so I can just stand up and peer into the gloom. There is a definite draught coming from somewhere which should blow away the dust and Granpa Jack prefers sitting down to standing up, so all in all it should be great for him. I'll just have to find some candles, a bed, a piece of carpet and a few copies of, 'The Racing Post'. This will do nicely.

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