Saturday, February 11, 2006

Still Not Snowing

I don't know why all Christmas's can't look like this one. Snow is on every single Christmas card we have , even the one from Granpa Jack and he KNOWS about global warming. Dexter, of course, sent one with a giant robin on it-he said it was a job lot for charity.

'Where do you think the presents will be hidden this year?' I ask Dexter the computer.
It is later on after our visit to Father Christmas. Outside it is still not snowing. My alarm clock is flashing 10.26. It is dark and the house is quiet; only Dexter is humming away in the corner.
'Does not com-pute,' says Dexter, 'I want a ham-ster.'
I sigh and reach inside my bedside drawer for my miner's head torch. It's not a real one, I had to make it. I had a small torch for Christmas last year and then I took the elastic out of a pair of Granpa Jack's enormous pants. Then I tied it the elastic to the torch. I could strap this round my head so that it didn't fall down, unlike Granpa Jack's pants, which did fall down. He thought it was really funny. Mum and Dad did not. They just don't understand science like me and Granpa Jack. Actually Dexter and his hamster has given me an idea. Every year Mum and Dad try to hide the presents from me. This is so they can pretend they come from Father Christmas. Last year they were inside Mum's desk-that was so easy. But this year, I think they've asked an animal to help out and that can only be Serena, the cat. Mainly because when I came into the kitchen the other morning, Mum began talking about computers and how useful they were (HA!) whilst trying to shove Serena into her suspiciously well padded basket. She looked like the cat-princess and the pea. Hmmm.

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