Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playing Tag

I have been tagged by two people which is quite tricky because I now have to go off and tag 13 others and I do not know that many people. Tag is usually a game that I leave to the baby-children in the infants but since this does not involve me running around and hitting and shouting (actually it sounds like fun now), I suppose I will do it.

A.This 1st one is a Moaning Meme
I have been tagged by Scarlett at Wanderlustscarlett. Here goes:
5 people who will be really annoyed you tagged them.
- Angry Graham will be
be really annoyed
- Jude at will be mildly irritated as will
- Anita who is on holiday
- My godmother, Claire may not speak to me again (hee hee)
- Alan who will probably ignore it

4 things to go into Room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth
- organic vegetables (I feel sick just thinking about them)
- the school bus (ingrained vomit and windows rusted shut)
- my unspeakable cousins, Jaspar and Skye
- Mrs Trundle's high powered laser whistle (with
Mrs Trundle attached if possible)

3 things that people do that make you want to shake them violently
- baby-children clinging onto your legs (it's the only way to get rid of them)
-Dexter walking so close behind me, he trips up if I actually stop
- people calling themselves Alan

2 things that you find yourself moaning about
- stick insects not eating properly
- not having enough money to buy sweets- ever

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself
- I am a saint
There are rules to follow:
-Link to the original meme at freelance cynic
-Be honest
-No insults
-Post rules

The 2nd tag is from Dame Honoria Glossop and it is 8 random facts about myself. Here goes:
- I actually like brussels sprouts as long as they are not organic
- I do not have a beard but they seem to run in the family
- I believe stick insects are the greatest pets in the universe
- My actual real name is Wilfred Henry Augustine Marshall but I prefer Buzz
- I have three lawnmowers in my collection now, including a Hayter 19"
- For the first three years of my underpant wearing life, I refused to wear them
- My hair is unnaturally curly
- I am an alien (not really)

There are rules:
-link to the tagger
-write 8 random facts about yourself
-taggee to post rules and 8 facts
-tag 8 other people

I tag:
Angry Graham - he is going to explode
Joe at Undead Flowers


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

YAY! You did it!

Twice as nice, well done Saint Buzz.

Giggled wickedly at Mrs. Trundle being attached to her whistle when it's sent to room 101.
I'll just see to that immediately for you.

Good sport, Buzz, very good sport.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Wilf said...

Thankyou, Scarlett. I do not know why the font went mad in the middle but that is what happens sometimes I suppose.

Jon M said...

I think stick insects are made up and people just keep glass boxes of privet to bewilder small children and half-wits like me. I've never seen one...

Saaleha said...

Hmm, i see I've been tagged. I'll get to work. btw, The parents sound like me, re HP. Wouldn't i love a hogwarts castle. My birthday is on the 23 this month.(hint)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Saint Wilf, eh? Hmm, it does have a certain ring about it - but no, you are most definitely not an alien - a certain friend of mine would know if you were!

Wilf said...

Stick insects are real, Jon M. I have 5 of them and the longest is 3cm and pale green. They are very strange and their legs drop off if they get stressed. They have their own stick insect language. Soon, I will take a photo and prove they are there.

Wilf said...

I will tell Mum when your birthday is, Saleeha but I think the Hogwarts castle is some sort of heirloom.

Wilf said...

That is true, AV. I wondered if she would be listening.

Sean said...

Sir -

I have been informed that you are responsible for ruining my evening by leaving me to deal with a frothy and malodorous Jack. For this, you have earned my enmity.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I've something special for you.

I awarded you with a thoughtful blogger award on my page... please drop by when you get a chance, and pick it up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Wilf said...

Dear Sean
Frothy sounds quite fun and so does malodorous. I did not look up 'enmity' because it sounds like enemy and so I think that you are unhappy with me because you have had an evening of smelly frothy fun. Dexter would be thanking me. I will never understand adults.

Wilf said...

I have never had an award before. I can only hope it is big and shiny. Thanks, WVS.

Richard said...

Wilf, thanks for tagging me! Should be fun!