Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the Way to the School Trip

This time we are going to a medical museum. This is quite handy because at least three people are sick on the school bus. Oliver-James is the first to go (of course) followed by The Weed (Joshua Harcourt) and then because she is sandwiched in front of the weed and behind OJ - Miranda!!! Ha-ha-ha (cold laughter, she is still unforgiven after the Looking After The Sticks episode). It is all terrible really because the bus STINKS of the new sick combined with the left over sick from all the other school trips and I cannot bring myself to finish off Dexter's pack-up like I want to.

He has :
3 x packets of crisps all salt and vineagar
2 x slabs of chocolate cake
2 x packets of lunchables
3 x packets of polos (to stop sickness)
2 x bottles of lemonade
1 x manky apple

I have:
1 x wholemeal roll with cheese and grated carrot spilling out of it
1 x homemade carrot cake
1 x carrot
water with added carrot (joke)

Anyway, the really good thing about this School Trip is NO TRUNDLE. After last year when she was snubbed by Helen Sharman at the Science Museum, she went into a massive sulk and said that she would be too busy doing other things to go anywhere where children were involved or the school bus was involved (see picture) and definitely not both together.
So this year it is Mr Bagnall. Mr Bagnall believes that all children have an inner core of wonderfulness and that sometimes you have to dig quite deep to find the inner core but it is always there. His first name is Earnest which is worse than Alan but quite a lot better than Wilfred. As it turns out, my actual name at the museum is James Wilson and I am a servant and I catch diptheria - so quite a good day. More later.


Absolute Vanilla... (& Atyllah) said...

Bleeurgh, argh, bletch! Wilf! Shame on you! I have now just thrown up my breakfast all over my keyboard!

angrygraham said...


Does your school ever try to teach you? Or is it just one school trip after another.

Jude said...

Poor you... what a pong.

I guess Earnest the teacher is earnest by name and earnest by nature. Names are fascinating aren't they Wilf... I wonder what yours means?

Wilf said...

That is quite difficult to get off a keyboard due to the fact that it gets stuck in all the cracks. Your computer may now end up smelling like the school bus, AB, sorry.

Wilf said...

They try to teach us, Angrygraham but I think my stick insects are teaching me quite a lot. Also you sound a bit jealous now, maybe you should call yourself jealousgraham.

Wilf said...

My name is very old and could mean something about wanting peace. It is so old it was last popular even before the Victorians. I despair.

Saaleha said...

my badly drawn broad bean has arrived Wilf. And he's really cute. I'm sure The Parents' one will be too.
but at least mum still makes time to prepare for you a healthy lunch ;) so good for your eyes, really...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hello Buzz,

Hope the sticks are doing well, and The Parents, and the bean.

I've tagged you with a moaning meme, it's right up your ally, so you can fuss about whatever your little heart desires.

When you get a minute, please come by and pick it up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Wilf, I've been reading your great blog for a while but never left a comment. Now, however, you’ve been tagged, see my blog for details. (Marmiteboy tagged me!)

Wilf said...

Blimus, I have been tagged two times!
I will have to start thinking very hard.

Wilf said...

Mum says congratulations to you, Saleeha. I say to Mum, stop looking over my shoulder.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Ooops sorry Wilf, the other tag must have been in moderation ...
I think you only have to do 1 post for both.