Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Bug Club!

I can't believe that Miranda already has a club. With members. Turns out her Dad is an entymologist which is a big way of saying bug hunter and he's always flying off to hot jungles to find the biggest bugs in the world. What a show off.

So, there's a new girl and she is called, Miranda. She came to the school at Easter and she is a bit of a girl. For example, she has an especially pink pack-up and a red spotty sparkly headband which lights up in the dark. I don't know about rugby yet. I do know that if a walrus could speak, it would sound like Miranda.
We are in the playground at playtime and she is looking at the ground.
'Probably looking for a hairclip,' says Dexter.
'Yeah, or a fairy,' I say.
So we go up to her and actually ask her what she is doing. She pushes her glasses up her nose and bellows, 'I'm looking for a red ant, I saw three at lunchtime and I believe there is a nest nearby.'
We take two steps back because her voice is so loud and she sounds as though she might bite something.
'You're looking for ants!?' says Dexter. 'But you're a girl!'
'What do you know?' she shouts 'My Bug Club is ALL girls!'
'What Bug Club?' I ask and I look around.
And that's when I notice there are quite alot of girls crawling over the grass holding onto Tesco bags.
'Caterpillars,' she bellows, 'lots of them and grasshoppers, if we're lucky.'
I am unbelieveably green with jealousy. A Bug Club! Dexter's mouth is opening and closing but nothing is coming out of it.
'Well, we've got a club!' I say, trying really hard to think one up, 'it's a really good one, isn't it Dexter-for boys!'
'Let's go,' says Dexter, 'Alex Stevens has got a new football.' And he runs off.
Miranda purses her lips and sneers at me. 'You don't have a club!'
'I do!'
The whistle goes for the end of break.
'Boys!' she says and pulls her cardigan straight. 'I prefer insects.'


Moira Miller said...

Hi Wilf,
I like the sound of Miranda's Bug Club. I might see if I can join. The next door neighbour has a pet tarantula. It is allowed to sit at the dinner table when they eat and I found out the other day my brother's have an ant farm in their bedroom. Never told me a thing about it. Weird! No idea why not! I found out by accident.

Susan Abraham said...

All considering, good luck with the throes of school life, Wilf.
A highly-engaging post, by the way.

Atyllah said...

I really like the sound of Miranda (she's a girl with "energy")- and more particularly her bug club. Do you think she'd let me join? You have no idea what tasty morsels bugs make - especially if you can get other people to track them down for you.
But if you're feeling left out, young Wilf, how about a club for collectors of insectivorous plants... just think what you could do to Miranda's bugs! *evil cackle*

Wilf said...

Hello Moira
Miranda's Bug Club is a really annoyingly good idea. Course it helps that her dad likes bugs for his job. Mum says I should start up a club about my dad's work but I'm not sure that anybody is ever so interested in teeth and keeping them really clean.

Wilf said...

Thankyou, Susan-I think I'm going to need lots of luck.

Wilf said...

Hello Atylla
Miranda definitely has lots of energy-most of it seems to be coming out of her mouth and this is actually quite scary. As long as you are not a boy I think you can join the Bug Club and that is really stupid. I like your idea about the plants-she would HATE that. Just wait until you see what we do at The Science Museum...