Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going to the Most Interesting Place on Earth

I can reveal the big reason why Mrs Trundle is miserable - she gets travel sick. She's a teacher and she gets travel sick. I ask you. It's not as though we're going to travel to the unknown savage bits of the Earth (which would be quite fun) like Livingstone. And we're not going to make a long journey by boat or train or even bicycle. Part of the fun is trying to decide when she will be sick - she thinks we're paying attention, for a change.

I think you'll agree that I am going to the most interesting place on Earth - THE SCIENCE MUSEUM!!!! My friend, Dexter thinks so too and we are both a bit excited. But although he's my best friend and we're on the same coach, we're not allowed to sit together. I have been put next to the new girl, Miranda and she is miserable because she is separated from, 'The Bug Club' gang. I am also just behind our class teacher, Mrs Trundle and she is also miserable but grown up which is worse. Mrs Trundle cannot really believe in science or she would not have stopped Dexter and me experimenting to see which bits of Dexter's lunch would roll right to the front of the coach. Dexter only eats round things. Anyway, finally everybody is in their seats and the coach sets off. As soon as it does everybody reaches for their pack-up because you need to eat on a long journey.
'What have you got in your pack-up?' I ask Miranda.
'Nothing!' she says and grabs her very tiny plastic container, then hugs it and turns to the window. I can see her reflection as she squashes her face against the glass. I want her to turn round so I can see what she has in her box.
'If you push your nose harder against the glass,' I say, hoping to grab her attention, 'you'll look like my godmother's dog, it's called a pug.'
Miranda immediately shrunk her head back into her neck like a frightened tortoise. 'Oh shut up!' she shouts. I shrug. I don't understand what the matter is but then I never do according toMrs Trundle. I think they just don't understand me.

This is a picture of our coach. Our old headteacher was a coach enthusiast and he gave this one to the school when he retired. It was made in 1948 and Mrs Trundle said thankyou but I think she wanted something that didn't bounce about quite so much.


A science fan said...

I think the Science Museum is a great place too. I can remember going a long time ago with my family and seeing the real Rocket Locomotive. I was slightly disapointed as it did not look like any of the pictures showing it in a yellow livery.
I was lucky enough to go to the Smithsonian Institution in America (http://www.si.edu/) last year. It was quite good, particularly the new air and space museum next to the airport. It has the original aircraft flown by the wright brothers!!

Wilf said...

Wow! You are so lucky to have gone there to the actual United States. I am going to check out the Smithsonian RIGHT NOW!
Thanks, Science Fan.

Moira Miller said...

How do you know Mrs Trundle gets travel sick? Was she sick on you? Did you get to see what she'd eaten?

I've written a round thing list incase you ever tmake Dexter on a picnic: polos, doughnuts, biscuits, oranges, apples, other round shaped fruit, wagon wheels (which are different from biscuits)chocolate buttons, normal buttons (unless they are the ones I saw on a baby jumper once that were shaped like ducks).

You might argue buttons can't be eaten but, I swallowed one once at school when a supply teacher snuck up on me and made me jump. Can't remember her name. She said I shouldn't have been chewing it.

Maybe Miranda had bugs for her lunch.

Wilf said...

I know about her being sick because I won the last,'when will Mrs Trundle be sick' contest (Mabelthorpe-on-Sea, make anyone sick actually). And no, I didn't actually look at the sick-that would be sick. Trouble with sick is that you can smell it for months after the actual being sick, so the coach always smells of sick.
I like your list of round things to eat-Dexter quite likes peas and doughballs as well. I think eating buttons is something that baby-children do and that you should avoid it whenever possible. Course you have to have something to suck in class, I understand that; The ends of pencils are pretty horrible. I have seen Amy Trundle sucking her hair and a surprising number of the boys have a quick go at their thumbs.
We have never had a supply teacher since Mrs Trundle is only ever sick on the coach, worse luck.

Atyllah said...

I think Mrs Trundle is a right bore for not letting you do your science experiment on the bus - I mean, how else are you supposed to learn? See, this is the trouble with humans, you squeeze the life and interest out of everything and try to keep everything so horribly sterile. How do teachers expect great inventions to happen if they smother enthusiasm. Really! I just don't know. Ba-kaaaaak!

Wilf said...

Yeah she's rubbish at bringing happiness and joy to children! I mean I know exactly how we should be learning stuff and it's got nothing to do with sitting on chairs and writing blah blah blah down and more to do with running around alot and making things work (exploding stuff is good too).

Susan Abraham said...
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Susan Abraham said...

Wonderful, the part about Miranda, Wilf. Your adventures turn a corner.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Susan. I forsee difficult times for Wilf...

Jude said...

I like the new look and links Addy.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Jude. Tom (usagi) was very helpful with the chapter stuff.

Susan Abraham said...

Dear Addy,
I forsee more slobbering kisses for Wilf in the near future.
Not discounting the fact that he sounds cutie-pie-ish!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi again Addy,
Just to say I loved the way you've shaped your blog today.
It all looks neat & stylish.
I did a word cloud once.
It's revealing of passions but I should try out another as my perspectives have changed.
Here's looking forward to more of Wilf.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Susan
This is something Atyllah (see comments box for her blogspot)put me onto. I think it looks rather nice myself!