Saturday, July 22, 2006

School Party

School and party are two words which don't go together. The photo on the left shows just how much fun a party at our school can be. However some of the best party fun I've had was at Dexter's house when we were actually allowed to use long dangerous sticks to hit a fairy. It was a pinata fairy and it was his sister, Trixie's party and the party bags had little hairclips in them BUT hitting the fairy was quite a thing.

For the rest of the journey up to London Miranda read a book twice as big as her head. I wasn't going to read the title but since half the book was on my side, I couldn't help notice it:
'Big Bugs are Best!'
Of course they are. Especially when they are in a book written by your own dad which is really showing off. Dexter kept trying his best to contact me from his seat in the middle of the coach. But he is actually useless at throwing and the little balls of paper kept ending up on the back of the driver's head, causing him to swerve violently. This made Mrs Trundle have to stop the coach and be sick. There were cries of 'cheat!' and no fair!' from those of us who got the time of Mrs Trundle's sickness wrong. In the end I felt sorry for her. She didn't even have the energy to stand up and bellow.
So we arrive outside the Science Museum and as soon as the coach jolts to a stop, Mrs Trundle makes a miraculous recovery. I race to join Dexter and Tom and his mum. We stand in a big group, parent helpers and us lot waiting for orders.
'Stay with your partners please children! And stick to your grown-ups!' Immediately Dexter and me and Tom pretend to stick their heads to Tom's Mum's arms. She laughs and then stops when Mrs Trundle says, 'that is not funny!'
All the grown-ups give one another a look. Mrs Trundle holds up her clipboard.
'Now has everyone got their clipboards and worksheets?'
We all wave our clipboards up and down like Mrs Trundle is too hot and we are trying to cool her down.
'Alright, alright,' she says. 'Follow me - Wilfred! Dexter and Miranda! You're with me! Come along!'
We all slouch over to her and I'm sure I see a parent saluting.
'But I want to go with my friends, Miss,' whines Miranda.
'I need someone sensible, Miranda. To keep an eye on these two.'
Looks like she hasn't forgotten the last school trip then.


Jude said...

Ah school trips- I know them too well! Hope Wilf is goo on this one.

Atyllah said...

Oh dear, Wilf, I hope Miranda is not going to cause too much trouble for you and Dexter. I think you might have to find a way of giving her a really big fright - and then lose her!

Wilf said...

I am always good, it's just other people who make life difficult!

Wilf said...

That's right, Atyllah she is a problem. A big fright sounds like a good idea. Dexter and I usually use spiders to scare but I have a feeling Miranda would think we are being friendly.

Susan Abraham said...

A highly-entertaining read, Addy.
Plus, a name like 'Trundle' provides an instant vibrant description to your character. Remembering some of my hardier school stuff as a child, reading the name 'Trundle' causes illusive creepy monsters to emerge from my imagination.
And I am a child once more.
Well done, Addy.

Wilf said...

Thanks, Susan!