Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Sparkly Pink Rugby Player

Below is an example of something that is pink AND sparkly. Mum says, the one on the right is OK because it is old but that just makes it even more boring for me. I have never seen a sparkly pink rugby player but I think that would be VERY funny and might help a lot of young baby-girls take up rugby. Somebody should think about that.

When I was baby-child, I believed that all girls liked pink, books about fairies and rugby matches. I was mostly right. Pink is still quite big at my school; pink pack-ups, pink school bags, pink headbands but maybe girls grow out of pink. I don't know if mum was ever a girl-she says she never liked pink. She wears a lot of stripey trousers which are too big for her and T-shirts which say stuff like, 'Would you like it?' and it shows loads of chickens with their feet rotted off or 'Poor Cow' with a cow mooing out of someone's shoes or my favourite-a diagram of a car engine and an exploding earth beneath the words, 'driven to destruction'- exciting stuff. She says I can wear pink if I want to but Dad says 'over my dead body'. I did find some books about fairies in an old box when I was on a rummage. Mum says they are antique books and books about fairies nowadays are all commercial and sparkly and pink- I don't think she's read Artemis Fowl. The rugby thing comes from my godmother. She was a girl once and she says that rugby should be played by all girls. She takes me to rugby matches and shouts the rules at me. She jumps up and down (ALOT) and buys me forbidden fizzy drinks and packets of crisps to keep us going until the next fizzy drink and the celebration bag of sweets. She's great.
Anyway, the thing about girls is that they are a bit difficult. You think you understand them-pink, fairies, rugby- and then one turns around and does something different that makes her less of a girl and more of a friend. Tricky.


Susan Abraham said...

Hello Wilf,

I like my pinks. Always have. Dolls & rings & laces & ribbons and & pretty pencil cases. You couldn't get more girly than that.

And yes, you're right again. I often dreamt a fairy or 2 (and an elf for a prize catch) would pop on by the zinnia patch to visit me for tea.

My mum patiently marked off calendar dates with a loud sigh. But switching to a super frown, she would warn me to stay off the mushrooms. I disobeyed 'cause one never knew... (all avenues had to be closely inspected when you were just 4).

And we did spot heavyduty rugby matches too. Of a different kind. Venue: The schoolyard. Time: Recess and Date: A school week.
Motivation: A desire to covet that silly so-and-so's...

The rugby ball in question, would be cleverly masqueraded by a shocking pink hair-clip or someone's Made-in-Denmark-tumbler. At 6, we aimed to be creative.

Our matches were fiesty too. They involved a couple of hair tugs, a prize squabble, lots of tears, some sissy being sent to Coventry and a swift run for cover when the class teacher appeared on the scene with a VERY grim face. Our tournaments were unforgettable.

Unfortunately, our uniforms were a skyblue. You couldn't tell us apart from the swaying ocean if you tried.

Atyllah said...

Hello Wilf, I really like the sound of your mum, she sounds like a rare and sensible human being. Do pass on my good wishes. Your godmother sounds like a fun sort. There may be hope for her too.
On Novapulse no one ever wears pink - it really doesn't go so well with yellow.
And finally, if you think girls are difficult, you want to know what it's like for me trying to understand the entire human race!

Wilf said...

Hello Susan
I like the idea of a rugby ball plus pink hair clip-well, I don't like it of course but it might help make girls play more rugby. A skyblue uniform is pretty awful-give me grey, mustard yellow, brown and purple anyday.

Wilf said...

Dear Atylla
Mum says thanks for the good wishes but if you want her advice (you might as well listen now she'll find a way to give it to you)she thinks you should change your name to something a little less...hunnish. She thinks that you're going to give yourself an apopecktic attack and explode or something and you should think about a course in anger management. I say, don't bother, I like explosions.
Your friend, Wilf

Claire Jones said...

Sigh - one day one day - your Mum will know something about the world's greatest sport!

Of course a team plays in pink - Stade Francais - one of THE teams in France. And it appears the club shop has a sale on...

Very pretty...

But as you know Wilf, there is only one club and its colours are Green, Black and Gold - maybe there is hope after all - your Mum is blind to every club except the glorious Northampton Saints!

New shirt is nice too...

The stripes are back!

And I believe Bernie has stocked up on the sugar related products in his Tuck Shop ready for next season!

Jude said...

Your godmother's fantastic Wilf. Pink is a colour that girls love but I used to have a friend in school- a boy who wore pink on mufti day and our Science teacher told him and I remember it to this day - 'It takes a real man to wear pink!' Maybe that's the answer, if your dad says anything? :-)

Wilf said...

Pretty, pink but no sparkly bits. Still I'm impressed and Mum says she thinks some of them would look good in any colour-steady on Mother! I like stripes and Saints are the best. I also like sweets and fizzy drinks and my birthday is in November.

Wilf said...

My godmother is good fun.The only thing about her is that whenever I see her, she's always telling me stuff about when she and Mum were at university in the olden days but apart from that she is fantastic, Jude.
I'm going to tell my Dad about real men and pink. He says that actually all men wear vests and big pants and hairy coats when the slightest amount of cold happens-that isn't very man-like, if you ask me.

Moira Miller said...

My Mum got me a pink England t-shirt with the three lions in sparkly silver on the front. I thought it was quite cool. Maybe the whole England team can wear them next time.

Wilf said...

Yeah, I bet you'd like to see them wearing sparkly shorts as well. You'd better have a word with my godmother...